Toyotomi TD-ZB80

EAN: 4963505828493

This Toyotomi dehumidifier TD-ZB80 has a maximum dehumidifying capacity of 8 Liters per day which makes it suitable for spaces up to 40-75 m3.

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TypeDesiccant Wheel
Ontvochtigingscapaciteit (l)8,0
Geschikte ruimte (m³)40~75

The Toyotomi dehumidifier TD-ZB80 performs at its best in conditions where the temperature is close to 20°C. In these situations the device can absorb up to 8 liters of moisture from the air. The tank capacity of 2,2 liters ensures that the dehumidifier can operate for a long enough period without intervention. On top of that the device stops operating once the water tank is full and informs the user. This dessicant type dehumidifier will outperform a compressor type dehumidifier in all conditions where the temperature is below 20°C.

The dehumidifier features an easy accessible touch screen control panel for the operation of all functions. The top air louver outlet makes this dehumidifier a perfect solution to dry your laundry. The design is both “esthetic” and “modern” weight of this dehudifier is (8,3 kg) light. As a result this ensures that the dehumidifier can be used everywhere where it suits your needs best.

The Toyotomi dehumidifier TD-ZB80 does not contain any refrigerants, which results in a low potential impact to the environment. The innovative dessicant technique fits perfectly with the sustainabiltiy goals of Toyotomi. In order to ensure maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption automatic operation allows the device to operate only when it needs to.

TypeDesiccant Wheel
Ontvochtigingscapaciteit (l)8,0
Geschikte ruimte (m³)40~75
Tankinhoud (l)4,0
Luchtstroom volume (m³/h)90
Gebruikstemperatuur (°C)1 – 40
Nettogewicht (kg)7,2
Brutogewicht (kg)8,3
BeschermingsgraadIP X0
Afmetingen eenheid (mm) (l x b x h)350 x 240 x 506
Afmetingen verpakking (mm) (l x b x h)400 x 291 x 585
Geluidsdrukniveau dB(A)34 / 50
Stroomverbruik (W)350 – 620
KeurmerkCE – GS