Toyotomi’s wide range of residential air conditioners is one of the best in quality. Known for their energy efficiency, these units not only provide excellent cooling performance but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the user-friendly interfaces and smart features make Toyotomi’s air conditioners a seamless and convenient addition to any home, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

  • SORA

    SORA (4)

    Where affordability meets high performance. With top-notch technology, versatile operation, and a sleek design, SORA is the perfect air conditioner for your home.

  • UMI

    UMI (4)

    The energy-saving design. An intelligent choice for those seeking greater comfort, the energy-saving design provides a comfortable indoor environment while being environment-friendly.


    IZURU (6)

    The smartest air conditioner. Combining high performance, elegant design and a host of features IZURU All DC Inverter will become your air conditioner. Thanks to its high energy yields, it guarantees ideal temperatures in winter or summer, with the lowest possible consumption.

  • ERAI

    ERAI (12)

    The versatile air conditioner. The Toyotomi ERAI is designed with respect for the environment and human beings. It offers maximum environmental comfort, intelligent functions, and voice control technology. The ionizer, enhanced sterilization with triple filtration (Hepa/Silver Ions/Biological), activated carbon filter, and self-cleaning functions Self Clean and Autoclean provide a perfectly clean environment while ensuring high efficiency and energy savings.


    SEDAI (3)

    High-performance air conditioning. High energy efficiency with a SEER value of 9.72, maximum operational versatility, and a simple and elegant design make SEDAI the ideal air conditioning for your home.

  • YUKI

    YUKI (4)

    Outstanding performance with innovative features. Your guarantee for an outstanding heating performance under typical Nordic “low ambient” conditions. This air conditioner is provided with special features, like a self-preheated compressor, heating elements on bottomplate for defrosting, UVC sterilazation and smart WiFi or voice control.