TOYOTOMI is manufacturing the largest range of heaters running on liquid heating fuel (paraffin), both vented or unvented type, as well as heaters specifically developed for indoor or outdoor use. Read more

  • Wick type heater

    Wick type heater (12)

    Wick type heaters refers to the system of regulation of the burner, which is purely mechanical, no need for additional power supply, just 2 batteries to ignite the heater, which makes it an affordable autonomous high capacity heating device.

  • Round type heater

    Round type heater (3)

    Developed specifically for outdoor life, the high capacity compact round type heaters are an indispensable heating device making camping life so much more enjoyable, bringing comfort during colder seasons, while camping is not only tied down to spring or summer.

  • Laser type heater

    Laser type heater (18)

    The product range starting with the reference LC (Laser Clean) refers to the nomenclature of burners invented by Toyotomi. The “Laser Clean” electronic burner is designed by the latest technology to attain complete safety and comfort.

  • FF type heater

    FF type heater (5)

    These heaters are provided with a “pipe-within-a-pipe”  Forced Flue venting system. Easy to install, this range allows you the use of high capacity paraffin heaters safely located in closed areas, without the need for ventilation it creates comfortable heat in an economical way.

  • Heating Liquids

    Heating Liquids (12)

    TOYOTOMI brand liquid fuels represent the best of actual heating fuel technology for paraffin heaters made available; we offer 5 different formulas specially designed to enhance the performance of our heaters,