Toyotomi Heating

Toyotomi, highly efficient heating solutions for the modern age.

For over four decades, ZIBRO has been the trusted name in Europe when it comes to mobile space heaters fueled by liquid innovation. As a proud property of Toyotomi, the ZIBRO trademark represents a legacy of excellence in crafting top-of-the-line mobile paraffin heaters.

Discover the future of heating efficiency with Toyotomi

Across Europe, millions of satisfied users have come to rely on ZIBRO mobile paraffin heaters for their space heating needs. Renowned for their exceptional autonomy, mobility, reliability, and effectiveness, these heaters have become an indispensable asset in countless households.

But our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. We also offer an impressive range of residential and commercial heat pumps, delivering exceptional heating solutions for various settings. Trust Toyotomi to bring you advanced technology and unmatched reliability.

Experience the future of heating solutions with Toyotomi:
Unvented and vented type paraffin heaters, customized heating liquids, and cutting-edge heat pumps for every requirement.

Today we ensure that we have the widest range possible of paraffin heaters, each with an innovative character or modern design. We distinguish the following range of unvented paraffin heaters:

  • Unvented wick type heaters (single/double combustion type and outdoor type heaters)
  • Unvented laser type heaters  (or electronic-type fan heaters)
  • Vented FF type heaters (or Forced Flue type fan heaters)
Efficient and easy-to-use wick type heaters.

Our wick type heaters feature a convenient manual or mechanical burner control system. With just 2 batteries for ignition, there’s no need for evacuation or complex installation. The single and double combustion wick heaters come with a removable fuel tank and offer a heating capacity ranging from 2.2 to 3.2 kW. As for the round type (outdoor use) heaters, they boast a fixed fuel tank and a heating capacity ranging from 2.7 to 6.7 kW. Stay warm effortlessly with our efficient and user-friendly wick type heaters.

Laser type heaters with advanced burner technology.

Our electronic-controlled laser heaters feature an innovative burner technology that sets them apart from traditional “wick type” heaters with manual control. Our laser heaters are equipped with a thermostat and fan, which electronically control the heating rate of the appliance. The Laser Clean burner offers a unique combination of advanced safety features, unparalleled comfort and a heating capacity ranging from 3.0 to 4.65 kW. Enjoy the benefits of clean and cost-effective heat, ensuring a cozy environment while keeping your energy expenses in check.

FF type heaters, a green and sustainable heating solution.

In addition to our wide range of unvented paraffin heaters, we take pride in being the sole global manufacturer offering a selection of vented heaters. Our innovative FF-type heaters incorporate a cutting-edge “Forced Flue” venting system, which allows you to install “sealed” high capacity paraffin heaters ranging from 3 up to 9,5 kW. What sets our vented heaters apart is their versatility in fuel options, next to standard paraffin, they are also compatible with biofuel or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). Embrace a greener and more sustainable heating solution without compromising on quality.

Unmatched heating performance, energy savings, and versatility for any space.

In the extensive range of local space heaters, Toyotomi paraffin heaters stand out as a superior choice in heating power. These heaters possess a remarkable ability to efficiently warm significant volumes, making them the perfect solution for intermittent heating needs. Whether you’re looking to supplement your central heating system to save on energy costs or need to heat a room where central heating is unavailable, Toyotomi paraffin heaters provide an exceptional heating solution.