Pioneer in mobile space heating & cooling.

Having a strong presence in the automotive business since 1949, the Japanese group Toyotomi, located in Nagoya, also became one of the world’s largest producers of heating appliances and a leading producer of air conditioners.

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Our goals for 2024!

Our mission

We are making deliberate and steady progress in developing and achieving our sustainibility goals and we will continue to look for more opportunities to accelerate progress. Meanwhile our main focus for 2024 is to further develop the activities of Toyotomi Recycle Co., Ltd. as well as to set ambitious goals regarding the introduction of more sustainable packaging.

Our progress

By reducing wastes, recycling also conserves natural resources, protects natural ecosystems, and encourages biological diversity, all of which enhance the long run sustainability of the biosphere.

Our initiatives

Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers, more now than ever before, implementing eco packaging in near future has become for Toyotomi a necessity.

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