Heating Liquids

Buying a fuel for your paraffin heater is an important gesture, while smell and duration of your heater will depend on the quality of the product you choose. TOYOTOMI brand liquid fuels represent the best of actual fuel technology for heating made available; 5 formulas specially designed to enhance the performance of our heaters, all packed in practical cans made from recyclable PET. Read more

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Toyotomi Premium Heating Liquids

During the last 70 years Toyotomi Co. Ltd as the leading manufacturer in the world of paraffin heaters, has accumulated a vast knowledge in the field of the distribution of correctly specified fuel for its heaters. This knowledge has resulted in the development of 5 different formulas known as; Toyotomi Plus, Toyotomi Power, Toyotomi Max, Toyotomi Prime and Toyotomi Clear.

Toyotomi Premium Heating Liquids complies with stringent European legislation, especially the French description in Arrêté 25-06-2010 or the DIN 51603-1, our fuel complies also with the warranty terms set by other manufacturers of mobile paraffin heaters.


The advantages of Toyotomi fuel:

  • Suitable for all brands of mobile heaters
  • Virtually Sulphur-free
  • Odourless
  • Low aromatic hydrocarbon content
  • High flash point
  • Longer working lifetime of the heater
  • Less emission of harmful substances


For optimum operation of your mobile paraffin heater and as a guarantee for comfortable use and a longer service life, we advise you to use the different formulas of Toyotomi fuel. Consult the website of your country for information regarding our loyalty program.