EAN: 4963505828028

Toyotomi PRIME is an “odourless” fuel, delivering top performance without comprise. Thanks to a low content of aromatics, smell is reduced on ignition and in shutdown, the fuel guarantees a high yield thanks to a calorific value greater than 11,400 Kcal/kg.

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The Toyotomi PRIME fuel distinguishes itself from comparable fuels based on the following features:

  • The special “odourless” formula, thanks to the low content of aromatics (0,003%): reduces the odour in switching on and off.
  • The calorific value higher than 11,400 Kcal per kg, guarantees a high yield together with a flame stability and absence of unburnt materials.
  • The non-volatile matter content of only 0,0000006% eliminates the post-combustion residue, keeps the burner clean and eliminates the need for maintenance.
  • Toyotomi cans are made of PET, a 100% recyclable and reusable material. If recovered, it can give life to many new objects, while also ensuring the quality and purity of the compound.
  • Recommended by Toyotomi, the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel heaters for over 65 years.
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