We are making deliberate and steady progress in developing and achieving our sustainibility goals and we will continue to look for more opportunities to accelerate progress. Meanwhile our main focus for 2023 is to further develop the activities of Toyotomi Recycle Co., Ltd. as well as to set ambitious goals regarding the introduction of more sustainable packaging.

Our progress

Since 2015 Toyotomi Recycle Co., Ltd. in Japan has been established with the purpose of recycling used products and promote the possibility of reuse. For several years Toyotomi Co., Ltd. Japan through their local branches are collecting used heaters. After checking its condition, heaters which can be potentially repaired are separated from those goods which are unrepairable. Once declared unrepairable, these units will be disassembled into parts, which at their turn will also be checked on the possibility for reuse.

All the parts which can be used again are being kept as spare parts, others will be handed over to our recycling partners or metal scrap factories.

Our contribution to a sustainable world is now more important than ever. Worldwide, natural resources are under pressure. Today, it takes one and a half years to produce what we consume in one year. Toyotomi’s goal is to create simple solutions to optimize the use of natural resources and make sustainability profitable over time, recycling our stoves is part of that. All our stoves are made of at least 92% material that can be recycled and our aim is to bring this to 100% soon.

Our initiatives

For several years now Toyotomi is focusing on specific sustainable packaging goals, like recyclability, material and volume efficiency, responsible fiber sourcing, eliminating unfavorable materials and promoting recycled or renewable materials.  Next to permanently researching the possibility to reduce the weight of our PET cans or study on biobased materials, we recently introduced a new packaging for our spare parts and accessories made of “paper grass”.

TOYOTOMI is adapting their FF-type range of heaters to operate on Neste Renewable Fuel (Next BTL), a non-fossil, emission-poor renewable fuel.  Neste Next BTL is a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) made from 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat from food industry waste and results in as much as 75-95% less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the fuel’s life cycle when compared with fossil bases stove fuel, like traditional paraffin mixtures. 

Grass paper has huge potential as new alternative for packaging

Our most recent initiative regarding sustainability, has been the introduction of a new packaging made of “grass paper”, to replace our former packaging for spare parts, which were made of plastic in combination with carton.

Grass paper can be used for books, office paper but also for packaging. To manufacture the new substrate out of which grass paper is being made, it requires 50 % less energy and chemicals compared to the use of chemical cellulose sourced from wood. Grass paper, is made of fresh fibre pulp, using as raw material sundried grass. Next to less energy and chemicals it saves also water (6000 litres of water in comparison to alternative processes) and you need 4.8 times less carbon dioxide to manufacture grass paper.

Grass paper has huge potential as a new alternative for packaging and Toyotomi will continue to look for further applications within their range of products.