Air Conditioning

Toyotomi has over 35 years of expertise in developing and producing air conditioning systems. Our brand is a symbol of reliability, quality, and an unwavering commitment to fostering a better environment for consumers. Proudly offering high-performance products, Toyotomi ensures the delivery of perfect, efficient, and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions. When it comes to air conditioning experiences, trust Toyotomi to provide exceptional solutions built on a foundation of experience and dedication. Read more

  • Residential

    Residential (33)

    Toyotomi’s wide range of residential air conditioners is one of the best in quality. Known for their energy efficiency, these units not only provide excellent cooling performance but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the user-friendly interfaces and smart features make Toyotomi’s air conditioners a seamless and convenient addition to any home, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

  • Multi Free Match

    Multi Free Match (26)

    Toyotomi’s multi free match air conditioning systems offer great installation flexibility, resulting in the ability to be adjusted to the preferred requirements, while remaining competitive in price. With our multi split air conditioning system you can connect up to 7 different capacities of outdoor units, in combination with 5 different types of indoor unit. In total 208 possible combinations, ranging from 4,1 kW up to 12,0 kW.

  • Light Commercial

    Light Commercial (25)

    Toyotomi’s light commercial air conditioning system combines cooling and heating all-in one for a simplified application and installation and are used in small or midsized buildings, ranging from schools to offices to retail. The outdoor unit range (9 capacities ranging from 3,5 kW up to 16 kW), can be used for different kind of indoor units like floor & ceiling, cassette or ductable.

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow

    Variable Refrigerant Flow (24)

    Toyotomi’s VRF systems, or so called ‘Variable Refrigerant Flow’ is a complete air conditioning system that can simultaneously cool and heat several rooms. This makes VRF systems the ideal solution for cooling, heating or ventilating office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, or large private homes. With our wide range of VRF systems, we can offer you the best solution in line with your wishes.

  • Mobile Air Conditioner

    Mobile Air Conditioner (4)

    Toyotomi mobile airconditioners are the perfect solution for quick and easy cooling. Are you looking for an affordable air conditioner that is able to create a comfortable living environment, which is also easy to install? Then find out all about our range of mobile airconditioners, which can easily be transported to different rooms.