Toyotomi offers heat pumps equipped with the highest energy efficiency to ensure sustainable and economical heating, cooling, and providing hot water solutions for your home. By using outside air, a heat pump is able to generate a comfortable climate in the most sustainable way possible. Toyotomi heat pumps use a refrigerant to transfer the heat when it circulates between the outside and the inside unit. All Toyotomi heat pumps use R32, which is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant compared to widely used refrigerant R410. Toyotomi heat pumps can be combined with solar support to ensure a more economically and environmentally friendly climate in your home.

The Toyotomi Monobloc is an all round easy to install unit, with the ability to be linked to residential underfloor heating, radiators, fan coil units and when combined with a storage tank can be used to generate warm tap water. The units offered have a power range between 4 and 16 kW. The heat pumps offered are for residential use, as this is only an outside unit it is an ideal solution for homes which have a limited space available.

The range of All-In-One heat pumps offered from 4 to 16 kW, is recommended for installations where there is limited indoor space, and copper tubing can be installed from above. The integrated model is able to be installed at an angle to ensure the most efficient use of the space available. These aspects make it the ideal solution for homes, where every cubic centimetre of space is to be used efficiently.

The Split range of Toyotomi heat pumps, is the most standard model of the three offered, and supports heating, cooling, and hot water production for your home. The model has an outside and an inside unit and is offered with power ranging from 4 up to 16 kW.