Light Commercial

Toyotomi’s most ideal solution to create a stable and comfortable indoor climate. Our light commercial unitary AC system combines cooling and heating all-in one for a simplified application and installation and are used in small or midsized buildings, ranging from schools to offices to retail, especially where low initial cost and low maintenance cost are important. Some of the outdoor units within our range, which consist of 9 capacities ranging from 3,5 kW up to 16 kW, can be used for different kind of indoor units like cassette-type, floor & ceiling or duct type.

  • Floor & Ceiling

    Floor & Ceiling (6)

    This unit offers the opportunity to be installed in two positions: low wall or ceiling suspended, providing optimal air distribution and comfort for various applications, whether residential or small commercial. The range of capacity for the six models ranges from 5.3 to 16 kW.

  • Eight-Way Cassette

    Eight-Way Cassette (7)

    This unit is designed for false ceiling applications, where the only visible part in the room is the decoration panel. It provides optimal air distribution throughout the perimeter of the unit, and the filter maintenance can be easily done from the decoration panel. The range of capacity for the seven models ranges from 3.5 to 14.5 kW.

  • Ductable

    Ductable (8)

    This unit is the ideal solution when you decide to create your own air distribution system inside your office. Its wide range of airflow and available static pressure for air distribution allows you to customize your setup. The concealed unit is placed inside the false ceiling, and the only visible component in the room is the air diffuser. With a very low sound level at different air flow rates, the range of capacity spans from 3.5 to 16 kW across eight different models.

  • Console

    Console (3)

    The console models offer a higher comfort level, thanks to the double airflow, sober and elegant design, and reduced dimensions, allowing for great versatility. The easy access to the filter facilitates convenient maintenance and cleaning. Available in a range of three different power capacities, it can be coupled with both mono and multi outdoor units.

  • Floor Standing

    Floor Standing (1)

    This unique solution, with a capacity of 12.5 kW, allows you to handle a large volume of air in commercial applications, such as offices, hotels, and shops. The quick and easy floor installation provides the best compromise between space utilization and comfort.