Multi Free Match

Toyotomi’s multi free match air conditioning systems offer great installation flexibility, resulting in the ability to be adjusted to the preferred requirements, while remaining competitive in price. With our multi split air conditioning system you can connect up to 7 different capacities of outdoor units, in combination with 5 different types of indoor unit. In total 208 possible combinations, ranging from 4,1 kW up to 12,0 kW.

  • Outdoor Unit

    Outdoor Unit (7)

    The range of outdoor units offers capacities ranging from 4.1 to 12 kW, and it is covered by seven different models, providing two to five ports of connection with the entire range of indoor units.

  • Izuru (5)

    This unit is one of our most popular units, offers the optimal combination of easy installation and a pleasant appearance. It is available in five different models, covering capacities ranging from 2.1 to 7.1 kW. The main features that complete the advantages of this unit are Wi-Fi control and an ionizer.

  • Floor & Ceiling

    Floor & Ceiling (3)

    This unit offers the opportunity to be installed in two positions: low wall or ceiling suspended, ensuring optimal air distribution and comfort for various applications, whether residential or small commercial. The range of capacity for the three models ranges from 2.6 to 4.5 kW.

  • Eight-way (compact) cassette

    Eight-way (compact) cassette (3)

    This unit is designed for false ceiling applications, where the only visible part in the room is the decoration panel. It provides optimal air distribution throughout the perimeter of the unit, and the filter maintenance can be easily done from the decoration panel. The range of capacity for the three models ranges from 3.5 to 7 kW.

  • Console

    Console (3)

    This unit offers a higher comfort level, thanks to the double airflow, sober and elegant design, and reduced dimensions, allowing for great versatility. The easy access to the filter facilitates convenient maintenance and cleaning. Available in a range of three different power capacities, it can be coupled with both mono and multi outdoor units.

  • Ductable

    Ductable (5)

    This unit offers the best solution when you decide to create your own air distribution system inside your home or office. The concealed unit is placed inside the false ceiling, and the only visible component in the room is the air diffuser. With a very low sound level at different air flow rates and a height of only 20 cm, it is available in five different models, covering a capacity range of 2.5 to 7.1 kW.